Sunday, 11 October 2009

Conceptual Thinking, HACS & This week

Hi there! Not been much time to update this thing! So here we are, the 1st proper week of university. We've been given a lot of work, or so it seemed, but I don't think its actually all that bad.

Monday I have conceptual thinking with Sue, Nigel & Big Nose (I don't know her name.) Its interesting, hard going at times, but ultimately... enjoyable?
I'm finding at the moment that I don't have a specific style, and am just doing things in accordance with the project/ what it would be used for. I wish I could have created something closer to the way I draw normally. Perhaps I'll spend more time doing that next time.
So here's the workings of my conceptual thinking project... We were each given two words to create a concept of... mine were Harmony & Economy. Fun! I thought... with the current financial climate it'll be soooooooo easy to create a happy feel towards money. Heh. I managed it though, so here we are:

Hopefully that will be ok. Up next! Tuesdays... I have Colour & Composition with Rachel (lovely Rachel) and some fine art lady. This week we had to take an old master painting, and turn it into a tonal picture using different tones of newspaper. Hard, but its getting there. We have a morning to complete it, then I'll upload it.

Wednesdays are a half day, and in the morning we had the Illustrated Book Project. I've chosen the text of 'To Make an Amblongous Pie' by Edward Lear. Its a nonsense text, and I'll be making it into a childrens book. I've been brainstorming a bit, but I always seem to get stuck in a rut. The project is exciting, and Im going to attempt to make the book into the shape of a pie slice, and at the end turn it into a complete pie, so you are actually making the pie while reading along.

On Wednesday afternoon it was raining hard, but I ventured into town to try and sell my work. I went to the illustration gallery and they didnt look at my stuff but said to send them an email and come up with an idea for a small exhibition... gah. Then I went to 'Arcs of fire' gallery, an amazing gallery with many oil paintings and beautiful drawings. I showed my work to the owner, and he said he would take my originals of Elvis, and any originals of wildlife work that I wished to sell. He said he could sell them for around £400- £500 each! How amazing! I was nearly blown away. So I'll attempt to get working on some new wildlife stuff to sell.

Thursdays- Visual Studies/ Life Drawing. This alternates every week, so I was doing Visual Studies this week, and will be doing Life Drawing next week. In Visual Studies we were told to explore line with varying media. So I filled up pages on pages, and by the end of the day was tired and fed up. Good fun to begin with though. I used a lot of Henna.

Fridays- History & Contextual in the morning, then Illustrated Book project. We were set our first project for history and contextual, which consisted of something I really didn't expect... we have to draw ourselves as we see ourselves, and then do another drawing of how we want to be.
For the one as we see ourselves I'm thinking of a page of portrait photographs, with things drawn over them. I decided on this because I feel a bit lost, with no set style, and many different aspects to my personality. For the ideal one, I drew myself in the jungle with Max, with my drawing equipment and animals :) and here it is! I want to work it up to full colour when I get the chance.

So Friday night was freshers ball, I faked a wristband, made it out of part of a coca cola label. It even fooled the student president! Boo Yeah! Im glad I did fake it and get in for free instead of a horrific £12. The party was rubbish and so was the band- The Indie Killers. Damn right, they killed indie. So me and Aimee left at that point after doing some salsa to crappy club music. I will commend them on getting a small band that included a double bass player upstairs. We were promised free champagne, but by the time we got there, there was none. It wasn't like we came that late either! I had one of the little entrees they had... pepper with cream chive. So, we went back and watched a studio ghibli film with this random guy called ed, who thankfully left quite soon. Not bad for a free night really. But not good either.

Saturday- walked to falmouth from Penryn, (on the way we found a man with a blue macaw, and a small hairy caterpillar named Fred working his way across the pavement) then in and around the coast to the beaches, had a look in the rock pools and took lots of photos. We found some crabs and a little hermit crab that I named Heraldo the homogenous hermit. Then me and Aimee walked back to Penryn again. Then my flatmates wanted to go out for a meal, so I went with them to Xen Noodle bar in town, VERY NICE food. I had mongolian lamb (possibly the best plate of food I have ever eaten) and a mixed seafood platter. Washed down with some Tsing Tao beer. A good night out! :D And a good day of walking & exploring. Me and Aimee found a way down to the stream in Tremough, and crawled through the undergrowth to find two headless statues and a stagnant pool. Quite creepy, as it was just getting dark. At the end of the day I decided to read some of the South American Newspapers- the one in Ambato called 'El Heraldo'... how awesome is that! (I guess only Plymouthians will get how good that is.) Here are some photos of the day:

I guess thats all for the week! Today is Sunday, the blogging day, and day of finishing projects. Also the new flat meal day... so I don't know who is cooking tonight... but I think its ribs... mmm.
I'm going to attempt to make some Lakhnawi Khatti Dal... yes.

Adios mi amigos!

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