Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Ball Photos, International Food Fayre & Dead Pigeon

I went home on the weekend for my mother's birthday, and had a lovely little rest from all the stress at uni. Got some things sorted out, so thats all good. Just paid for the London trip in December, need to sort out travel now, also need to sort out getting to Cardiff on Friday the 20th of November for 8... hmm. May need to take half the day if not all the day off. Fun!
I made a dummy book for the book project, so thats coming along nicely. Now for some overdue sketchbook work. Been a bit lax this week. Pub quiz tonight, hopefully we'll win something again!

Finally I decide to upload the ball photos... there's not many because I didn't stay long... but I got in for free instead of a crazy £12 entrance fee... because I was clever and faked the wristband from part of a coke bottle label. Yessiree. So here are the twoooooo photos.

Some lovely looking food from when I was cooking! Fresh and yummy.

My desk at the studio

Our tortoise being fed... good entertainment for me at home

The international food fayre was on when I went home. I do pick the best times... and there was a guy doing the limbo, a fire juggler on a unicycle and many gorgeous stalls with good produce! Here are a few delights from the day. Got to see my bestest buddy Mica for a quick 10mins, which was lovely :) Can't wait till she comes down here :)

My orchids, hopefully they wont die without me!

And last but not least, I found this dead pigeon in the street, I named him Arthur, and wished him a happy journey.

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