Sunday, 13 September 2009

Yemen 2: Return of Iskander & Carboot Sale

The finished t-shirt design for Yemen. My 2nd for them, all in all. I surprisingly enjoyed making the designs, I wouldn't normally spend time doing repetitive building drawings. Quite theraputic though. So, thats another commission complete. I also finished the portrait of Bonnie the dog, so yet another commission finished.

I managed to sell my guitar to vibes in town for £120, which is now in the fund.

Went to a carboot sale today and sold a lot of old junk I didn't want. £87 for the day, not bad!

Which brings my savings total to....

getting there slowly!

On another note, I'll soon be 21 years old on Wednesday! Excited and can't wait to have a good night of fun and games on the friday with my jungle themed fancy dress!
Then on the 26th I'll be moving down to Falmouth for university! The journey of a student illustrator begins!

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