Sunday, 27 September 2009

Uni, Hassan Reunion & My Room

I'm there! Hurrah! At Falmouth at last. Have met some pretty cool people already! So far we have Chris my housemate, (some more still to come), Hassan, Sophie, Craig, Emily, Sam, Cat and Hadley!

The train ride down was full of fun, with Simon teasing me about various things, when we got to the campus, we were told to go in a million different directions... But in the end I got my keys, welcome pack and we were off. Then my things arrived along with the parents, and we started putting things away... amazingly, all my stuff does fit into my room! So after everything had found a home, we went shopping for food, and on the way there was much swearing and direction giving to be found. At last, I got most of what I need, perhaps I'll bring some things back next weekend. Not a lot of space in the kitchen it has to be said! Finally Simon and the parents left me to it, and I was reunited with Hassan, bestest buddy from the Amazon.
Here's my new room and some photos from our first night!

So for my first night at uni residence, we went to the Stannary for a drink and a boring chat about health & safety. Then to Sam's to meet a bunch of people, then back to the Stannary for a bite to eat, a drink or two and then off to bed.
A night well spent with some friends that hopefully I'll keep for a good long while!

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