Sunday, 27 September 2009

Meet My Mentor! Hadley, Pirates & The Beach

First proper day in Falmouth! Woke up at 9, after going to bed at 2am and reading. Sorted out all my clothes and played guitar for a little bit, sorted some pictures into frames and then headed for town with Sophie,Chris & Hassan to buy pirate accessories. Met Hadley in town and went to the beach for a sit down and a chill out. While we were there, i found some pirate treasure, and claimed it for my own! Then back to hunt out some food, and onwards to meet my mentor evening at woodlane. It was good to meet all the people in our illustration class, but there's so many I'll never remember the names! Thats double the amount of students I was with in ND Graphics! There was a guy from Norway with amazing drawings in his sketchbook, I'm sooo jealous! Will endeavor to be as good at quick life studies as he is.
So, all in all a good day, and up at 8 to get a course induction. Wish me luck!

Some pictures of Falmouth town and beach :)

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