Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Herbarium, Moving & Birthday

So I'm now 21. I got there in the end. My birthday was nice, thanks to everyone for my presents :) With some of the money I bought a couple of Spanish books, Grimm's Fairytales, 3 James Jean books, a canon ixus camera which enables me to take pictures in the field in Ecuador without taking my big camera along for the muddy ride. So thank you everyone! Whatever money I didn't spend on that stuff has gone towards the plane tickets, and into the savings fund.
Which at the moment stands at...£394.50 :D

We created a small jungle in the front rooms, and I cooked lots of ecuadorian food... patacones, empanadas, ceviche and popcorn! We also had a bbq, and many rainbow coloured buns! Its a shame, no one took a photo of any of this! So you'll just have to believe me. I cooked. Its a strange concept to get used to.
We had lots of fun in the park, we put our hammocks up, played twister and had a bash at my lovely pinata Norbert! Here's some good photos from the night:

I adjusted the Yemen design in accordance to my client's needs:So should be paid for that sooooooon.

The past week at the museum has been an interesting one, last Tuesday I was at the university with Chris finding out how to identify spiders with the help of Peter (spider expert). I spent 2 hours looking at spiders eyes and genitalia... me and Chris were pitted against each other with our new found knowledge, and we drew with each other! We're just too good. For your information, male spiders have their genitals on their pedi-palps...(some little mouth parts) and females parts are in the normal place.
Today (Tuesday 22nd Sept) I spent with Jess in the museum, cleaning 18th century herbarium documents. Very interesting! Very scary that she let me clean them! Does she not know I'm clumsy? Anyway, all crises averted... I didn't wreck any of them, but they look a darn sight cleaner now.

I'm moving down to Falmouth on Saturday, its crept up all of a sudden, and I'm not prepared at all. Very scared! And feel quite detached from it all... a bit spaced out really. I'm actually going to uni, finally.

I'm working on going back with GVI to do some frog research for my field guide, so fingers crossed they'll let me, and fingers crossed they won't charge me a ton to stay with them. Then at the end of July, Max graduates, and I get to see him get his certificate in all his suited-up splendour. It will be an amazing day!

Signing off for now, soon to come... pictures from my little camera when it arrives.


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