Wednesday, 30 September 2009

1st Day of Illustration, Pirate Party & Wednesday Cook Day

So Monday saw the first day at my illustration class. I was late... the bus took over 20minutes to get into Falmouth... but I wasn't the only one, so thats ok.
We have roughly 70 people on the course this year, crazy amount! I'll never remember anyones name. So, we got given our student cards (50p for the bus!) And then got given our timetables... looks like I'll be in every day of the week, 9.30 til 4.30ish. Which is good really, I prefer a full timetable of classes. Then we got set our first project, due in on Friday! What a way to let you in softly, eh? So I've been working on that, and will post it up when I've finished. This is the place I have to illustrate:
Hadley & Evan

After class we had a mosey around town, and Hadley bought me amazing silicon heart molds for cupcakes that I had been wanting! (late birthday present! very sweet of her) Unfortunately our oven in the flat is poo, so I doubt I'll be able to bake cakes in it :(

Then I went home to prepare for the pirate party, and have some pre party drinks with my flatmates! Then off we went to have some pirate themed fun. Met up with Hassan and had a good time jigging with some random people to a live pirate band. A good night all in all, with Hassan making the student paper!

Tuesday- Another project set for illustration (Sketchbook project) I'm going to have to step my sketchbooking up a notch and get more quantity in there! While maintaining quality! I have to produce 3 personal sketchbooks by the end of the year... and considering I normally complete 1 in a year... if that, then I should get a move on! I'm planning on doing a dream diary sketchbook, a life drawing sketchbook and an imaginary/found image sketchbook. Fingers crossed I can keep them all up with all the other work I have! We also got set our 3rd project...already! The illustrated book project. They gave us the texts to read and consider for which one we would like to illustrate. So! Many things to consider. Went to film night at the Stannary for free and watched the end of 'Dont Mess With The Zohan' and all of 'Superbad'. Then went home to rice pudding and bed!

Wednesday- Day off! Did a batch of Chickpea and spring onion curry and put it in the freezer, so curry for the next four days! Did some project work, rang the camera repairman for my quote and its going to cost about £290 to repair :( fingers crossed the insurance company pays out. Also got a call from someone interested in dog walking of some format, but the signal is rubbish here, so haven't been able to actually talk to them. *sigh* so much to think about! Going home at the weekend for Ben's 22nd birthday, and to sort out more shopping and forms that need filling in.

Falmouth is strange, there seems to be a glut of dogs in prams. And strangely, people want to feed trees sausage and corn on the cob?

Ok my lovelies, thats all the random happenings so far, more to come!

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