Wednesday, 30 September 2009

1st Day of Illustration, Pirate Party & Wednesday Cook Day

So Monday saw the first day at my illustration class. I was late... the bus took over 20minutes to get into Falmouth... but I wasn't the only one, so thats ok.
We have roughly 70 people on the course this year, crazy amount! I'll never remember anyones name. So, we got given our student cards (50p for the bus!) And then got given our timetables... looks like I'll be in every day of the week, 9.30 til 4.30ish. Which is good really, I prefer a full timetable of classes. Then we got set our first project, due in on Friday! What a way to let you in softly, eh? So I've been working on that, and will post it up when I've finished. This is the place I have to illustrate:
Hadley & Evan

After class we had a mosey around town, and Hadley bought me amazing silicon heart molds for cupcakes that I had been wanting! (late birthday present! very sweet of her) Unfortunately our oven in the flat is poo, so I doubt I'll be able to bake cakes in it :(

Then I went home to prepare for the pirate party, and have some pre party drinks with my flatmates! Then off we went to have some pirate themed fun. Met up with Hassan and had a good time jigging with some random people to a live pirate band. A good night all in all, with Hassan making the student paper!

Tuesday- Another project set for illustration (Sketchbook project) I'm going to have to step my sketchbooking up a notch and get more quantity in there! While maintaining quality! I have to produce 3 personal sketchbooks by the end of the year... and considering I normally complete 1 in a year... if that, then I should get a move on! I'm planning on doing a dream diary sketchbook, a life drawing sketchbook and an imaginary/found image sketchbook. Fingers crossed I can keep them all up with all the other work I have! We also got set our 3rd project...already! The illustrated book project. They gave us the texts to read and consider for which one we would like to illustrate. So! Many things to consider. Went to film night at the Stannary for free and watched the end of 'Dont Mess With The Zohan' and all of 'Superbad'. Then went home to rice pudding and bed!

Wednesday- Day off! Did a batch of Chickpea and spring onion curry and put it in the freezer, so curry for the next four days! Did some project work, rang the camera repairman for my quote and its going to cost about £290 to repair :( fingers crossed the insurance company pays out. Also got a call from someone interested in dog walking of some format, but the signal is rubbish here, so haven't been able to actually talk to them. *sigh* so much to think about! Going home at the weekend for Ben's 22nd birthday, and to sort out more shopping and forms that need filling in.

Falmouth is strange, there seems to be a glut of dogs in prams. And strangely, people want to feed trees sausage and corn on the cob?

Ok my lovelies, thats all the random happenings so far, more to come!

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Meet My Mentor! Hadley, Pirates & The Beach

First proper day in Falmouth! Woke up at 9, after going to bed at 2am and reading. Sorted out all my clothes and played guitar for a little bit, sorted some pictures into frames and then headed for town with Sophie,Chris & Hassan to buy pirate accessories. Met Hadley in town and went to the beach for a sit down and a chill out. While we were there, i found some pirate treasure, and claimed it for my own! Then back to hunt out some food, and onwards to meet my mentor evening at woodlane. It was good to meet all the people in our illustration class, but there's so many I'll never remember the names! Thats double the amount of students I was with in ND Graphics! There was a guy from Norway with amazing drawings in his sketchbook, I'm sooo jealous! Will endeavor to be as good at quick life studies as he is.
So, all in all a good day, and up at 8 to get a course induction. Wish me luck!

Some pictures of Falmouth town and beach :)

Uni, Hassan Reunion & My Room

I'm there! Hurrah! At Falmouth at last. Have met some pretty cool people already! So far we have Chris my housemate, (some more still to come), Hassan, Sophie, Craig, Emily, Sam, Cat and Hadley!

The train ride down was full of fun, with Simon teasing me about various things, when we got to the campus, we were told to go in a million different directions... But in the end I got my keys, welcome pack and we were off. Then my things arrived along with the parents, and we started putting things away... amazingly, all my stuff does fit into my room! So after everything had found a home, we went shopping for food, and on the way there was much swearing and direction giving to be found. At last, I got most of what I need, perhaps I'll bring some things back next weekend. Not a lot of space in the kitchen it has to be said! Finally Simon and the parents left me to it, and I was reunited with Hassan, bestest buddy from the Amazon.
Here's my new room and some photos from our first night!

So for my first night at uni residence, we went to the Stannary for a drink and a boring chat about health & safety. Then to Sam's to meet a bunch of people, then back to the Stannary for a bite to eat, a drink or two and then off to bed.
A night well spent with some friends that hopefully I'll keep for a good long while!

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Herbarium, Moving & Birthday

So I'm now 21. I got there in the end. My birthday was nice, thanks to everyone for my presents :) With some of the money I bought a couple of Spanish books, Grimm's Fairytales, 3 James Jean books, a canon ixus camera which enables me to take pictures in the field in Ecuador without taking my big camera along for the muddy ride. So thank you everyone! Whatever money I didn't spend on that stuff has gone towards the plane tickets, and into the savings fund.
Which at the moment stands at...£394.50 :D

We created a small jungle in the front rooms, and I cooked lots of ecuadorian food... patacones, empanadas, ceviche and popcorn! We also had a bbq, and many rainbow coloured buns! Its a shame, no one took a photo of any of this! So you'll just have to believe me. I cooked. Its a strange concept to get used to.
We had lots of fun in the park, we put our hammocks up, played twister and had a bash at my lovely pinata Norbert! Here's some good photos from the night:

I adjusted the Yemen design in accordance to my client's needs:So should be paid for that sooooooon.

The past week at the museum has been an interesting one, last Tuesday I was at the university with Chris finding out how to identify spiders with the help of Peter (spider expert). I spent 2 hours looking at spiders eyes and genitalia... me and Chris were pitted against each other with our new found knowledge, and we drew with each other! We're just too good. For your information, male spiders have their genitals on their pedi-palps...(some little mouth parts) and females parts are in the normal place.
Today (Tuesday 22nd Sept) I spent with Jess in the museum, cleaning 18th century herbarium documents. Very interesting! Very scary that she let me clean them! Does she not know I'm clumsy? Anyway, all crises averted... I didn't wreck any of them, but they look a darn sight cleaner now.

I'm moving down to Falmouth on Saturday, its crept up all of a sudden, and I'm not prepared at all. Very scared! And feel quite detached from it all... a bit spaced out really. I'm actually going to uni, finally.

I'm working on going back with GVI to do some frog research for my field guide, so fingers crossed they'll let me, and fingers crossed they won't charge me a ton to stay with them. Then at the end of July, Max graduates, and I get to see him get his certificate in all his suited-up splendour. It will be an amazing day!

Signing off for now, soon to come... pictures from my little camera when it arrives.


Sunday, 13 September 2009

Yemen 2: Return of Iskander & Carboot Sale

The finished t-shirt design for Yemen. My 2nd for them, all in all. I surprisingly enjoyed making the designs, I wouldn't normally spend time doing repetitive building drawings. Quite theraputic though. So, thats another commission complete. I also finished the portrait of Bonnie the dog, so yet another commission finished.

I managed to sell my guitar to vibes in town for £120, which is now in the fund.

Went to a carboot sale today and sold a lot of old junk I didn't want. £87 for the day, not bad!

Which brings my savings total to....

getting there slowly!

On another note, I'll soon be 21 years old on Wednesday! Excited and can't wait to have a good night of fun and games on the friday with my jungle themed fancy dress!
Then on the 26th I'll be moving down to Falmouth for university! The journey of a student illustrator begins!

Monday, 7 September 2009

Yemen 2: Return of Iskander

Some lovely mugshots for my student pass. Nice!

Yemen have paid me and are going to commission me again. Huzzah! Got paid by them today. I also took all my pennies to the coinstar machine which gives you back money you can actually use without making people angry. I got £30 from it, so thats all good. Which brings my total up to £103.90! Getting there slowly but surely. I'll be having a car boot sale next weekend, so hopefully i can get at least another £50 to the total, if not double. Then its my birthday :) 21 on the 16th of September. I'm halfway through 2 commissions, and will hopefully complete them this week. Ecuador, here I come!

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Tattoo Design Commission, My tattoo from Ecuador & More Commissions

I completed a commission for a tattoo design the other day, thus bringing my savings total up to £38. I am yet to be paid for my work with Yemen, and am also owed by a friend for another commission. Meanwhile I am working on yet another commission for a friend, I am illustrating the characters from his long awaited book. I am nearly halfway through, and shall post the characters as I finish them. Another commission on top of that one in the wings; a portrait of 'Bonnie' a friends dog who sadly passed away a week ago. So more coming soon.

While in Ecuador, I got a tattoo done by a lovely man named Carlos of Kokopelli Tatuajes. Here's his work!

New Illustrations & Excerpts from the Amazon Sketchbook

I regret to say that I didn't do much drawing while I was away, but I took many photos. So I am in the process of turning them into illustrations and combining them with journal excerpts for your viewing pleasure. This could take a while! So keep watching, as the stories will come slowly but (fingers crossed) frequently. Here are some of the drawings I managed to get done while away:


Some new illustrations from sketchbook 2 - July, August and September:


There we go! Thats a lot of the recent work, more to come soon.